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Brief Description

This is a personally owned blog that has no budget and the only purpose is to spout anything from the owner’s mind. This blog is not intended to gain any profits whatsoever. If you for whatever reason want a commission done, I can’t accept it due to lack of motivation, time, or some other teen excuse.

Some of the posts in this blog may for some reason seem as offensive to some people. If this may be the case, you can act like a mature individual and leave this page and never enter the URL again.

I tried to keep it short, it’s really hard not to keep typing random stuff that people won’t ever read. ;-;


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Zeky’s old blog might be deleted after a month, you can see the new one by clicking the banner.


Blog Posts have been moved to the “Blog Posts” page in the page menu.


Some art found throughout this site may or may not use characters or other related subjects that I had seen in the games I play or somewhere else on the web. I am not mking a profit off of them and would like to not claim anyone’s characters.

I am not responsible for damage caused to any machine from any of the content links I may post. If you do not trust the content I link to, DON’T DOWNLOAD IT!!!

Please enjoy this picture of my cat. :>

This cat and his faces. XD

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