Dino Sim Parkour (and my sister’s blog)

Dino sim on Roblox is really fun, if you play roblox and love dinos, I’d recommend this game. It’s by someone called chicken Engineer. XD

I spent a whole day on it pretty much doing nothing but parkour at the Black Mirage Dilophosaurus (don’t kill me if I don’t know how to spell its name correctly.) If you want to be small and hard to see, this is one of the dinos I’d recommend using. It can pretty much climb any of the mountains in the dino sim map. I ended up climbing mountains as that thing looking at some of the other players packs.

There’s a down fall to the game, but it’s only like the other games. You’ll find that you’ll run into idiots or jerks who’ll just kill you for their own entertainment. It doesn’t matter though, you’ll get the hang of the game after a pile of your dead bodies despawn from the map so that they won’t create clutter. C:

I also want to tell anyone who’s happening to read this blog and even cares about what I’m talking about that my sister now has her blog up. Click here to go to her blog and check it out!