When a Teacher asks you…

When a teacher asks you this question after they happen to see one of your pieces of art in a class; “That’s really good! How long have you been drawing?”

And because you’ve been drawing your whole life, or at least as long as you can remember clearly, you say this, “Forever.”

Then they start going on about how great your art looks in your little sketchbook and because you’re that person who doesn’t like to talk much you just nod. Well, I wouldn’t say he was a teacher, but he’s someone who supports this school program called AVID. He asked me what I wanted to do when I left high school and all I could think of was the answer; “Fine Arts.” I’m not entirely sure what I want to do for sure, but I just love drawing because of how calming it is.

So he ended up asking where I wanted to go after high school to study and I wasn’t really sure on that. I said a local university that I remember being pretty fond of.

It’s set, I’m going to do something in the arts, whether it’ll be something more modern with digital art or something more traditional. ^w^ I guess this destroys the whole, “No one ever notices me thing.”