When will the arguing end?

The Basics/Story

I have this friend who seems to like arguing with people, even though the subject is either really stupid or if he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. Most of the time, he doesn’t even have any evidence that could help support his argument. Sorry if I’m sounding like an English teacher, but really, this guy.

The evidence he does manage to pull up in an argument, if he even bothers to get any will most likely be something that you could easily go like, “Hey, that doesn’t really support your argument,” or even “That’s pretty weak.” Though I assure you, most of these arguments, people end up acting like children because of his level of maturity in the argument.

Go ahead, argue with him and try to keep your “cool.” It’s really hard to act like a decent human being because sadly he doesn’t listen to you and you basically have to get a mob on him. I just wished that he would actually try to make legit arguments that have some kind of evidence.

Like last time he argued with people, the topic was;

Is Yandere Simulator by Yandere Dev 100% complete?”

The answer is obviosely “no, it’s not done” but my friend argued that it was in fact 100% complete when it was and still is not.

Below I’ll list the evidence that each side in the argument used.

First Team: “No it’s not complete”

  1. Pulled up Yandere Dev’s official twitter account
  2. Pulled up the Official devolopment blog for Yandere Simulator
  3. Pulled up Yandere Dev’s Official youtube channel

Second Team: “I’m that one guy who’s basing my YS experience off of some funny video on it”

  1. Pulled up out dated YS videos of random youtubers playing it

Looking at YandereDev’s official blog, I now see this in the FAQ (Yandere Simulator’s Official FAQ);

“…release date of the final game will depend on a lot of different factors.”

– YandereDev

This means that the game isn’t not complete like my friend suspected. Of course, he based it all on his own beliefs with little to no experience with YS’s builds.