When you want to curl up and die in school…

– because someone has some serious body odor problems.

I have to do a project that includes conversing in German with another student. We have to work together to come up with a full German conversation about a certain topic. That topic would be this, or more like the task;

One of us has to suggest an activity for us both to do together.

The other person has to come up with a reason why they cannot do the task you suggest first and then they must make a second suggestion.

Person number one must then say they cannot do the second suggestion and will suggest a final activity and we both have to agree on a time and date.

This is all nice and dandy, but when your partner literally smells so bad, you want to curl up and die. This person smells so bad, I want to vomit all over the classroom walls. It’s harsh, so I don’t tell them. I was considering telling the teacher after class or through some kind of email asking her to move me away from this said stinky partner because the guy sits behind me!Ā You do not know the hell they smell like, I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be mean, I do not want to give names. I don’t even know their name anyway and I’m not saying even their gender. If I did say a specific gender, it would be from accident.

Omfg, this person just literally stinks. ;-; I want to shed a thousand tears because of their stench.