Dino Sim Adventures :D

Dino sim on roblox can be so fun, especially when you’re just chilling and suddenly two people start to kill one of your hard earned adult dinos. πŸ˜€

Don’t worry. Since people can be jerks like that, I was one too. Went to my Fantasy Quetz and flew away. xD I saved my adult dino too, so that was good.

Now I must tell you a really funny story.

One time, when I was playing with my friend who’s named Shikareum (used to be Arachiireum) this croc guy came running out of the nearby river yelling in caps at her, “BETTER RUN[!]” I had seen this and I was just done with people killing her whenever she tried raising a dino. In Shika’s defense, I started running at the guy, spamming the roar to show him that I was not playing around. Realizing that I was doing massive damage to him while he did little to my huge pile of HP (I had 210 HP, he had like 81~91 HP,) he started to run away from me. Trying to get into the river I’m guessing.

I’d like to point out that I am not this aggressive in the game, but when I see that you’re threatening me, my sister, or Shika, I will try to slaughter you depending on the odds. In this case as you could see, I did the fight response. C: I rekt the croc and it was pretty funny. He had threatened someone who was not only a pack member, but a good friend of mine and he couldn’t really kill anyone. I kind of felt proud when I saw his dead body fall into the water of the nearby river…

But guess what? He came back around a second time. I almost killed him the second time, but feeling sorry for his sorry butt, I let him get away. Of course, when I want to give someone a message after letting them go, I lower their HP to very dangerous levels.

Guess that’s all for the dino sim adventures today. xD Hope this croc story entertained you. I still laugh just thinking of that person making a threat and I just came out of nowhere and destroyed him with ease.