Private AoTTG Skins Gallery

I added a little section to my AoTTG page that will hold some of the screenshots that contain my personal and private RC skins.

I put them there just in case you ever want to get close ups of my skins and were interested in what they looked like. I have to admit, they’re very weird compared to the people who make public skins on I also couldn’t compete with those artists. I’m very shy anyway and would probably not really use the site if I joined it so that’s why I won’t go there to post the screenshots.

Just don’t ask for me to join that site and make public skins okay? I have my reasons for not wanting to make skins public…

As for the skins on the AoTTG page...
I ask that you do not ask me to make any. Do not ask for the links to any of those skins, they are for personal use only.