Dino Sim & MMD

I’m getting back into using MMD. C:

It’s tricking when you’re trying to relearn everything you did a while ago, about a couple of years for me. Some people only take a break from MMD for a couple of months, but after I had to reset my PC because of virus, I had lost everything I saved and downloaded for MMD. That was about 100 motions, including the wav files and some pretty rare camera motions.

Because of this, I lost hope in using MMD ever again.

Now I’m kind of back into using MMD to make quick pics for stuff. Mostly for Skype and other things. If you see some new random MMD stuff from me, you’ll know why. Also, if you see an edited model, I won’t be giving it away due to the respect of the original creators. I won’t be able to remember exactly who made it, so therefore I won’t be able to link you back to them and give them the correct credit they deserve.

I can’t wait to try out making more poses again!

Dino Sim Part of The Post

So I was playing dino sim for a couple of hours after school as part of my usual break, right? Well guess what. These people come onto my server, or the server I was on at the time, and then they start acting like they own the place. Not new for Dino Sim, but they were acting like they could kill everyone on the server and anything, including some of the strongest skins on that game as elders. (Elders are equivalent to a level 100 pokemon if you don’t know how strong they are.)

So me and a friend decided to get pay back.

He told me to use my Abrasive Giganotosaurus skin with his Aegisuchus. We planned to attack after he got his Aegi to an elder. After about 2-3 hours of waiting for him to get the elder, we finally decided to attack. Right in time too, because one of the targets were about to get off to go to bed. We were going to use this tactic where you could double the damage you could do. This meant as a giga Abrasive, I could do around 50 damage.

There were about 6 to 10 people in a pack with these people. You’d think we’d died, but you won’t believe what happened.

There was a pile of bodies within only a couple of seconds. They kept coming, we kept killing. They couldn’t even land blows after their first deaths. Welp, I guess I’m done with this dino sim adventure. Can’t wait to write more adventures about this game, since people like to cause drama on this game.

If the people who were attacked by me and my friend on that game at the time, I’d like to say “Good game, ’twas a nice fight.” C: