Never Trust Someone with Your Level 100 Pokemon

Kind of a long title, sorry for the mouthful.

I had been thinking about this while playing on a lonely server of Dino Sim. I once had been told that my sister had let one of our friends borrow one of her first level 100 Pokemon, only to find out he didn’t have the Pokemon.

She was pretty made at the fact that she had entrusted her first level 100 Pokemon to our friend only to find that he didn’t have it anymore. It only made her even angrier to hear that every time he explained himself, the story would change. This only lead to us coming to the conclusion that he had traded it for a Pokemon he wanted.

After a little while, he asked me to transfer some of his Pokemon to X&Y so he could use them. I found that he had a couple of level 100s after the said Pokemon from my sister went missing. I know you would say he trained it himself, but this person is literally too lazy to look for a certain Pokemon and makes me catch the Pokemon he wants for him. So this is how I think it happened; he thought my sister forgot all about the Pokemon she had given him so he could beat the Pokemon league in the game they traded, so he traded the Pokemon for one of those level 100s.

Don’t worry, I got pay back for my sister. I wouldn’t let him have a level 100 that was one of his favorite Pokemon. In fact, I released the Pokemon.

Then another time, he tried to make off with three of my level 100 dragon Pokemon while we were both fighting the Pokemon league. I told him, since he needed some medicine in the game to keep fighting the league, that I’d trade him Pokemon temporarily with the items he needed. I had traded him three Pokemon in my team at the time, this was the three level 100 Pokemon and he took the items. We were going to swap out our whole teams to give him as many items as possible, but guess what?

After trading half of my team, he tells me he has to go home. Then has the nerve to tell me he was going to give them back later. I had three of his own Pokemon, but I guess that didn’t even matter to him since he had the possession of three Pokemon of mine. I was going to let him just use them until I remembered what happened the last time someone let him borrow Pokemon. I wouldn’t let him go home until he give me back all of my hard work (the level 100 okemon.)

In the end, I learned to never trust people with Pokemon. Especially if it’s about pokemon I actually want to keep. NEVER TRUST PEOPLE WITH YOUR HARD WORK!! >:C