Fellow Dino Sim Player & Artist

I wanted to follow ChickenEngineer on Twitter so I could get updates on his game. A couple of weeks passed and I noticed that he kept retweeting someone’s art about the game. Their art is very appealing to the eye, at least in my opinion. :>

If you want to know the artist’s name and see some of their art they’ve posted on their Twitter account, please keep reading.

Her art (please correct me if I’m wrong with their gender) is amazing in my opinion because the colors and the way she makes her lines. It just looks really nice. I also appreciate her work because she’s not afraid to just draw what she wants or whatever is on her mind and post it because she likes it, not because someone told her. She’s also not afraid to admit that she’s improving. :>

Her Twitter name is Liz (@Haxorua_) and you should just look at some of her work!

I kind of made this post about her because I’ve now followed her and I felt like saying what I thought of her works, even if they’re just fun doodles.