Pose for Download!

I made a pose that I figured people would actually like and use.

Holding Hands Preview2
Oh look, my cute glow effect was cut off. Oh well. ;-;

The models I used for this were recolored  TDA appends of vocaloid characters, which you can find on my MMD credits page.

Poses are probably the only things I’m going to make myself and put up for download because that’s the only thing I can do on that myself.

Rules when using this pose data;

  • I’m not repsonsible for any damage done, which I’m pretty sure there won’t be any problems. I’m not the one who’s making you download this, so if you feel like you don’t trust it, DON’T DOWNLOAD IT. 
  • I don’t care for any credit when you use this pose data, but make sure you follow the rules of other people’s MMD models when you change my pose.
  • If you don’t like the site I’m using to upload this pose data, I don’t care. Don’t complain about it and look up at the first thing I said. IF YOU DON’T LIKE OR TRUST IT, DON’T DOWNLOAD IT.

Now that you’ve read my expectations, I’m going to put up the download link. Please don’t hate me. >.<

Download the Pose!

Hope, for anyone who even sees this, likes the pose I made!