Ranting; “what”

This is going to be or most likely be a random rant about something I hate very much when talking to someone on Skype. If you don’t want to hear a rant, especially since it might be repetitive, skip this. But if you seem to have the same problem when speaking with someone over online chats like Skype, then you can go ahead and read this.

If you are ready to hear about what I have to say about people who always say “what” in chats, then 

You’re actually going to read my rant? Okay, don’t blame me if I repeat stuff. I did warn you.

Anyway, I’m getting fed up with this person on Skype because even when whatever was being said is in text, therefore you can reread it to get a better idea of what’s being discussed, they still always type “what” as a response.

I know that chats can get sort of random. The chats I’m in on Skype always gets random and you have to actually pay attention to know what’s being discussed. In these chats though, you could easily scroll up or whatever to reread everything being talked about in the conversation. Not only that, Skype, which is the chatting program I’m ranting about, has this feature where you can easily search for something you want.

Despite all of this, the person I’m ranting about still always replies “what.” You literally have to repeat yourself when they could easily scroll up or piece together what you were saying. They say “what” so much, that it’s compared to no response at all for me. They might as well not even have said anything.

I’d also like to point out that this person has really bad grammar in his own language. Some people would say, “Oh he doesn’t speak English well because perhaps he’s learning the language.” No, he’s not. He’s known English over any other language for the majority of his life. With this being said, he should know what someone is saying in the English Language.

He still will reply “what.” By “what” I literally mean he’ll say

what – This person ( forever and eternity )

I think I’ll end the rant here. I could probably put more here, but I think I need to just stop. I wonder if someone else has this same problem. :\