Skype Battle Never End

This is one of the rants I like to write. If you don’t want to hear my griping, don’t continue reading this!

But if you love hearing about other people’s problems because you’re like that and you find it for whatever reason, entertaining, you can go ahead and read this. I warn you though, I might seem repetitive. :c

Okay, so you know that person I always talk about negatively? I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be so “mean” or whatever, but you would seriously need to know them to see why I’m so frustrated with them.

Let me try and give you and idea on what they’re like;

  • They like to believe anything that the like or deem as correct, even if whatever it is isn’t even something that’s solid or can be proven logically.
  • They will argue with you, never giving in or saying they were wrong, and never give you any legit evidence of why you should believe them. In fact, you’d probably be lucky to get any kind of link from them.
  • As evidence in arguments, they never pull up more than one website that they used as a source.

Now I could go on and on about this said person, but I really don’t want to seem like I’m repeating myself and to be honest, it’d be a long list.

The thing that’s sparking this blog post is for the fact that they were so relentless with arguing with another person in a chat group on Skype. Yes, I said Skype. I seem to have a lot of problems with this said person and Skype, right? Well, I couldn’t get rid of this person because I know them in real life so don’t even suggest blocking them on Skype.

I’m going to introduce the topic of this recent argument between two members of my Skype chat, which includes this ridiculous person.

The topic was over where the next region of Pokemon was going to be based off of. You know how Unova was based off of New York city and Kalos was based off of Paris ( or some other European country? ) That’s what the conversation was about.

It’s not as dumb as you would think though. The person who was arguing with the person I always complain about was pointing out that a bunch of places had features like Hawaii, a state in the USA. This was because person number one, the person I’m complaining about, thought that the next region of Pokemon was going to be in Hawaii, or a place like it anyway, only because of some game theory video he watch.

Yes, I said GAME THEORY video. On Youtube. With a person who had under 2000 subscribers. Not really reliable, right? No one with any sense would only use that video as a source for their information that they’re arguing. They still used this as their evidence in the argument.

I think I should end it here before there’s this giant text wall. The conclusion is that person number one doesn’t know what the rest of the world outside America and that you shouldn’t waste your precious time arguing with them. C: