MMD Poses Now Downloadable


I’ve made many poses recently so I decided “why not add them to my blog?”

Prepare for a longer than normal post by the way…

Like any other pose that’s uploaded from anywhere else, it’s for people who want to make a quick picture of two characters, or however many, with much ease. Loaded poses that were already made for you really saves time. I thank those people who have the patience to model hand poses for people.

Thank you very much! Without you “hand posers,” I’m sure many people wouldn’t be able to pose bodies as fast or efficiently. After all, modeling hands could take hours to get them to look normal and not like they’re twisted or broken.

Any how, you’re probably sitting there wishing I would get on with my rambling and want me to give the link to all of my recent poses, right? I’ll stop teasing! xD

Rules and Guidelines for Use

  • I don’t care whether or not you give me credit, that’s one less person to credit for those MMDers. ( though if you credited me, I might be embarrassed from the shock of it… )
  • You can edit these poses to fit any model.
    • These models were made to fit TDA appends the best, that is why I wouldn’t mind you editing to the model of your choice!
  • When editing one of my poses, make sure you are following the guide lines of the models and characters you are using.

  • Most importantly, use these to inspire yourself to make some creative stuff!

I will probably keep adding more and more poses, so make sure you check back every now and then. If I make a load of new poses and upload them, I’ll be sure to add them to a blog post of some kind to let you know. 😀


Reshyreum’s Downloadable Poses for MMD


Hand Posing Thank You

I was talking about hand posers earlier, you know the people who pose the hands on MMD models and are kind enough to put those poses up for download? Well, I’d like to thank whoever made most or all of my hand poses. I couldn’t have made any of these without you to be honest, though sadly I forgot your name. ;-;

In the MMD world, there’s many people who make many things, so please cut me some slack. I’m sure I’ll eventually find the name of that person and add them to my MMD credits page.


Whoever made the poses for the hands. ;-; Forgot their name, sorry!

Positioning and Modeling ( posing ) by me.

Small Notes

Do not ask me for previews because they’re found through the site in banners ( most likely anyway ) and I would have to make a new preview every time I put up a new pose for download. I might still end up making a little slide show in the link of the poses so you know what you’re getting exactly. I think you could get an idea of what the look like generally though due to my un-creatively descriptive names…