Skype Rant: When people don’t answer you…

I’m not sure if I’ve made a post similar to this, but I guess I’ll just write about how SOMEONE DOESN’T RESPOND TO MY SKYPE MESSAGES AFTER A FREAKING WEEK.

Here’s what I’m talking about;



Caps were necessary and before you even think about suggesting that this person was probably busy, could you explain how they were talking to a bunch of people in a group chat on Skype. Especially when I was in that same group?

You may think I’m being unreasonable, but this person I’m talking about literally will be talking to you on minute, then will be unresponsive. He doesn’t even change his Skype status or let you know if he’s going to be doing something like watching an anime video on YouTube. Sometimes you’d be lucky enough for him to even warn you about him going to YouTube or whatever he uses to watch his anime.

Another problem is when you’re trying to get his attention. You will literally have to start on talking about something you originally did not intend talking about, but are in his interests. Examples would be say I wanted to talk to him about… anything. Anything that’s just a normal conversation actually. By normal, I mean not talking about anime related stuff.

You would have to start off with a conversation being like “do you want to play AoTTG with me?” or just posting a YouTube link to a song he likes. Though I’ve told some people to just list random anime titles, which sadly worked at one point.

As you’re talking to him, you’ll have to slowly but surely move the conversation into the topic you actually intended to talk about. This is actually the most frustrating process. :\

I don’t like talking to people, but when it’s with someone I’m fairly acquainted with ( for example someone I’ve been talking to for a little while ) I usually have decent to random conversations with those people. This person though, I will try to hold a normal conversation with them, but they will try to make the conversation about them. They’ll eventually start blurting out random “facts” about something in my interest or someone else in the group’s interests. These little “facts” tend to be from those theory videos or from videos by people who are just skrewing around with something trying to make it funny and get more subscribers to their YouTube channel. ( example: Yandere Simulator being 100% complete only based off of a YouTuber’s out-dated version gameplay )

The whole, “I’m the center of attention” thing usually back fires because no one wants to suck up to him and pamper him. Then he’ll start going on with how much his life sucks when no one really believes him. Trust me, I’ve known this person for about 6 years in real life, with real contact. He’s complained about people bullying him at school and he usually brings this up when talking about how much his life sucks and how much the world sucks.

The reality, or at least the last I remember, he argues with people constantly. Randomly insults people when he’s just kidding, but doesn’t actually tell you that he’s kidding. Hell, he’s even asked people to hit him. HE PROVOKES THE PAIN. HE PROVOKES PEOPLE TO HURT HIM. People would only bully him in my opinion because they think it’s okay. He incourages it actually and I think it’s only to get attention… my gawd I’m getting deep here. >_>

If you ever met my friend, I’ll just say this. You’ll get fed up with his bull crap lies and his attitude. I might rant about him more and I may sound like I hate his guts, but I don’t even know why. I’m just still his friend and probably will stay his friend for a while or at least until he does something really stupid. So stupid, to the point where I won’t forgive him.

“im gonna live the now and not worry about the present” – That Friend ( direct quote from Skype, no editing )