Skype Rants; Battles with Yukitoreum

You know the drill; if you don’t want to hear my griping, then skip this post. :3

If you’ve known and talked to me, you know that I will complaining to you about on of my friends that I’ve known in real life. The summary is that he never wants to be proven wrong and when proven wrong, even by his own evidence used in arguments.

This rant is about Pokemon. It might spoil some new content in the newly announced Pokemon games ( Pokemon Moon & Sun ) and if you don’t want to risk hearing about game theories on them, then you might want to not read this.

My friend likes to think he’s smart by looking up game theories on Pokemon games before they’re even realized on one continent. He likes to look up leaks unofficial or official and tell them to everyone he knows, especially if he knows they like Pokemon to some degree. I will be talking about how he mentioned the ” new Pokemon region will be based off of Hawaii” and now he’s added “or Brasil.”

If you’ve ever argued with my said friend, real life face to face or not, you’ll find that he tends to change the topic and/or his argument. He’ll do this by adding on to his current argument to make himself seem like he’s the one who’s right and the opposing side is wrong. An example of this would be that he adds two things to his argument after some time, even if the argument has never ended.

He’ll even change his point of view slightly just to gain some appeal from someone else in the argument. An example of this would be the argument about whether I should focus on my failed classes this summer rather than working on this summer program/job. After a couple of minutes of my sharp tongue… I mean fingers? I was typing. ;-;  He said that he would work on his classes rather than the job. At least that’s the context clues he gave. :\

Another defense mechanism for him when he’s loosing an argument are the below example.

  1. When asked to provide a link to the source he is claiming information from, he will say something similar to “It’s hard to find” or “I can’t find it now.”
  2. When asked to remember something from memory, he will do the following
    • Resort to Google ( or Bing as he would claim, but they’re the same darned thing ) and you can tell because he will take a few minutes to even let Skype tell you that he is typing.
    • If he doesn’t Google, he would reject the whole thing entirely simply because he does not want to believe or because he’s “never heard” or “never seen” it.
    • If he doesn’t do one of the above, he’ll just say he forgot whatever it was you were asking of him.
  3. He’ll relentlessly keep aging on about the topic with “new” or “more” evidence.

So basically, in an argument you will never win because he will never listen. He just tries too damn hard to be good or right at something. Honestly, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’ll only argue about some of the dumbest or most unimportant stuff stuff because:

  1. He wants the attention and wants to feel like the world notices him, even if it’s for fighting ( or so it seems )
  2. He’s bored and can’t think of something more productive ( like working on his reading and typing/reading skills )
  3. He wants to be right or correct in or on a said subject.

I’m going to just stop here. >_>