Skype Rants; My Hand is killing me

Same as always. Another rant about a certain someone.

This post might be short. C: ( or short-ish compared to the others )

I’ve been going on about this person and it all seems the same, actually it is the same. They’re very predictable. You know what’s going to happen but deep down, you’re hoping that there will be some sort of change. But there isn’t.

I’ve gone on and on about how this person causes arguments and pointless fights.

I would like to talk about other things, like actual game achievements or whatever, but Yukito really gives me a lot to talk about. >_> So much, that I make blogs posts so that I could get out what I think about the fights in hopes that I don’t rant about it to every person I talk to. So in a way, it’s like I am ranting about him, but it’s if people decide to read these.

Once, Yukito had gotten in some crazy peer’s way and they decided to stab him in the hand with a graphite pencil. This had caused some of the “lead” to break off into his hand and on the accounts of my sister, who literally sees him every day at, to, and from school. She told me that for once, Yuki wasn’t over reacting about something like a small scratch and that the lead was so deep, the nurse advised Yuki to go to the hospital to get it removed with a minor surgery…

Surprise, surprise! He never got the surgery even when the school nurse AND HIS FATHER suggested getting the minor surgery because he was too scared ( from context clues on Skype chats anyway )

Almost everyday he complained about the pain, which wasn’t anyone else’s fault because he was the one who didn’t want to get such a minor surgery. It especially drove Camera/Captain Cthulu ( Cameron on Skype ) crazy because he seriously mentioned it almost every time the two talked to each other, he basically told Yuki to shut up about his hand. It also didn’t help how whenever Yukito started one of those arguments how he would try to bring up his damaged hand, which ironically was with Cam. He even used it as an excuse for him not typing well, which he was never good at to begin with.

Welp, here’s inspirational quotes about Yuki’s hand problems. C:

Give Yuki a hand *Pun intended*

“my hand almost got me to get out of school” ( Febuary 21, 2016 | 4:26 PM EST )

“…Β at the end i was bored as hell with a piece of graphite in my hand that still there”

(Febuary 20, 2016 | 4:47 PM EST )

“and on Friday my hand got stab” ( Feb. 20, 2016 | 4:44 PM EST )

“[2/20/2016 1:00:13 AM] Yukitoreum(the hero): welp I got stab
[2/20/2016 1:00:31 AM] Yukitoreum(the hero): in the fucking hand
[2/20/2016 1:00:41 AM] Yukitoreum(the hero): and I felt nothing”


One Converation

[2/20/2016 2:32:07 PM] Yukitoreum(the hero): well graphite because that what pencil are made of now a days
[2/20/2016 2:32:53 PM] Yukitoreum(the hero): I got stab 6 times
[2/20/2016 2:33:02 PM] Yukitoreum(the hero): in a minute
[2/20/2016 2:33:27 PM] Captain Cthulhu: Cool story bro

///// Skipped a few lines \\\\\\

[2/20/2016 2:36:43 PM] Yukitoreum(the hero): it my bow hand
[2/20/2016 2:36:55 PM] Captain Cthulhu: Oh
[2/20/2016 2:36:57 PM] Yukitoreum(the hero): it hurt when I move it
[2/20/2016 2:37:30 PM] Captain Cthulhu: Ok
[2/20/2016 2:38:58 PM] Yukitoreum(the hero): I’m also so use to picking stuff up with this hand
[2/20/2016 2:39:24 PM] Yukitoreum(the hero): but now I can barely pick up a cup

Everyone was done with the hand. >_>

Which if you were wondering, I’m pretty sure it healed because he doesn’t talk about it anymore.