Rants; Excuses, excuses, excuses!

Hey! This is a post about Yukitoreum and possibly other people who like to make excuses when you ask them to do something. If you don’t want to read more about Yuki, then you can skip this post. :3

( Wasn’t sure if I could categorize this as a Skype rant… )

I know that people have lives. Everyday, a normal high school student who lives in America and goes to a public school would know this. You have to study for your classes and the upcoming tests, finish your missing school work since you sometimes slack, and then you have to finish your homework for the night. That doesn’t even include the extracurricular classes you take, which definitely add on to the work load. Also, some of those extra classes can add on even more work, like for example sports practice or after school time. You may even have your after school clubs, whether they be for fun or not.

My point is, people have lives and I’m pretty sure a majority of the world who doesn’t center their selves into the universe would know this by default. I am one of those people. In fact, a majority of the time I’m focused on working on personal projects for others ( friends and family is the majority ) and just helping people in general. I’ve learned to not expect much from others, yet I treat them as though there is a reward of some kind in the end. Which there is if you count feeling like a better person in the end.

I’m upset with the fact that I don’t ask much of people. I don’t ask people for them to do things I wouldn’t do or that I think they wouldn’t enjoy ( whether it be 100% or partially. ) I hate though when I do ask someone, especially if I always make them little gifts ( like AoTTG costume sets or recoloring/edited MMD models ) without them even asking for them and for that same person to not do something as simple as playing a game with me.

I thought Yuki would say yes. Or even a no would be nice. I would’ve excepted either answer. Maybe if he rejected the invitation, I would get some kind of freaking explanation like “I have work to do, maybe next time.” You know?

That’s not what I got. Instead, Yukito said he was sick. Too sick to get on Elsword, but tell me he was too sick to play a game on Skype.

I would like to say this to his face, which I partially did in a little way. I doubt he could see that I was even mentioning or showing how annoyed I was. I was annoyed because he LIED to me for like the I-Don’t-Even-Know-Anymore time.

I don’t know why I’m still his friend, maybe all of those years of being around him has made a friendship that few people would ever have. It’s the kind where you feel like family, brother and sister wise. I just hate how he lies about little things like that when he could’ve just told me “no, I’m busy, I’ll be getting off soon because I just wanted to check my Skype messages.”

If Yukito ever reads this, I would like to tell this to you at least in a type of memo/note form: YOU ONLY MAKE ME MAD WHEN YOU LIE CONSTANTLY TO ME. 

And if anyone asks how do I know that he was lying, my sister Zeky literally freaking sees him every day to, in and from their middle school. He goes to school almost 99% of the time so of course she almost sees him every day. She told me that he sure was acting sick, cause he seemed just fine at school. <– Something along those lines.

Petty it seems, but it’s your opinion. I’m just telling you a story from my point of view.