Gaming; Elsword’s New English Voices & “Season Two”

Finally, a break from ranting about how Yukitoreum does this and how Yukitoreum does that. This post will be on how I think of Elsword’s new English voices! Everyone else seems to have done something like this so I wanted to steal the idea because I was desperate to talk about something other than Yuki. And this is a gaming blog.

I hadn’t been on Elsword for a good amount of time and when I come back ( for reasons unknown ) I found out they added new voices to most or all of the characters! What a suprise for someone that hasn’t played in almost a year. Not only were there new voices, but some of the characters were recieving revamps.

Usually, from what older players in the past have said, revamps mean that some characters have gotten new moves, select few were made “stronger” while others were made “weaker.” Oh, I did notice the difference. So much in fact, I felt like I could actually play the game more. At least for another couple of weeks before I realize the reason I had stopped playing for a good while in the first place…

First of all, my Ara which was the first character I was going to try out. She’s level 24 ( now level 26 ) and I noticed that I had no skills in my four skill bars. “Lol, did you think I had eight skill bars?”  I had to go back into my skill tree to find some skills to fill my four skill bars. As I did this, I noticed I had new skills that I didn’t have before I left Elsword for a long time. Since this happened to one character, it’s happened to all of my characters.

I go onto my Psychic Tracer and my Dreadlord; my suspicions were true. All of my characters had no skills in the four default skill bars, not only that, some of the skills I had actually been used to were either deleted or moved to a higher level.

The conclusion to this would be I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING ON THAT GAME!! 😀

And my characters greet me when I click on them, which is creepy af.