Gaming; Race against time!

The gaming post I made before this had actually been finished 4 days ago according to WordPress. I hate to double post about basically the same thing, but I had to make a banner for gaming. >.<“

It’s season two on Elsword and the NA server Solace is actually giving away free stuff for players to keep permanently! You do not know how rare that is, especially on the NA servers! Like oh y gosh, I wish they would have more events like this. I bet they do but it’s just that I’m not on around most of them.

Me and Zeky had gotten mail in the game and were given in game packages with rare content. To our surprise, the costume they had given us had no expiration dates. We weren’t sure about it since we’ve never really gotten something like this for free and without a timer so Zeky looked it up. To our surprise, the costumes we could keep permanently!

Only downside to all of this is that to gain the full costume, you must be at least level 70. With each 10 ( so like 10, 20, 30, and so on ) you would get a piece of the full costume set. So at level 10 you would get the gloves, level 20 you would get the shoes, level 30 you get bottom ( I may be wrong on the orders of things, but whatever. ) Our characters who would receive the benefits of this event were only level 45 and 46  ( for Zeky I think? ) when we first realized this was going on.

We’ve made a race against time; reaching level 60 within a week and right now we’re levels 58 ( my Dreadlord ) and 58 ( Zeky’s Diabolic Esper. ) Our goal is actually really close to being finished right now! We wanted to at least reach level 60 to get a majority of the new costumes, leaving out only the weapon costume. Luckily, there’s an event going on where you can earn a permanent weapon costume!

We just got really lucky on this I guess. XD