Unspecific Rants; Pop Quizzes?!

This rant is not about Yukitoreum or gaming. Just a little rant about school. c:

When I signed for orchestra like every other year in my school so that I could be in the class, I know that I was accepting the fact that I would need to take my instrument home every week to practice on my own time. The first three years of orchestra, this wasn’t a problem. Recently though, I find it hard to get on and off of the bus because of my instrument.

Here are my excuses, lame or not, why I can’t really take it home;

  1. It takes up too much space on the bus.
  2. It’s hard to actually get off the bus with the darned thing.
  3. I don’t really have easy access to my school locker, which is separate from my Orchestra locker.
  4. I have to carry the instrument and the case ever where for one whole day, or the days after I take it home.
  5. I get easily distracted when at home.

Now here are my excuses for not doing well in the class, even though it’s fairly easy.

  1. I’m terrified of my teacher.
  2. I’m afraid she’ll humiliate me in the class if she notices I’m not doing well, but she’s already done that to me enough times.
  3. I get back pain after only thirty minutes of playing.
  4. Sometimes my hands will become really cramped up after playing for a certain amount of time.
  5. I’ve become slow with the instrument in general.
  6. I’m basically dead by the time I’m in that class.

And now I’m going to need to do pop quizzes on this section in a song because of these excuses and my reasons for why I suck. YAY!!! 😀 This is going to be one hell of a semester now.

Curse me and my suckiness.