Gaming; Elsword Updates again?

Why are they adding so many updates? I know they’ve “revamped” characters, but come on. Don’t they think this is a little too much in a short amount of time?

Anyway, there’s going to be more free rewards when you play the game, so I won’t complain too much. If you’ve really played Elsword NA, you’d know that on our servers, they don’t really like to give us much. Especially for free.

With new rewards, there’s going to me more chests and boxes ( type of item like that ) where you’ll have to be a higher or certain level to open them and get the rewards, all in a certain amount of time before it’s gone forever. This means I’m going to have to grind some of my Elsword characters faster than before. With each post, I should put the classes and the level of my characters so I can share my character progress. These rewards would really encourage me to level all of my characters up!

Below will be a list of my characters’ names, class, and level. If you play Elsword, this might interest you for whatever reasons. Like kicking my butt in PVP because I suck at PVP in general…

If a character is bolded, they’re my top priority for grinding/ growing in level to gain rewards from the revamping costume event!

  • Reshyreum, Chiliarch/Dreadlord ( Lu/Ciel ), Level 68
  • Yhsereum, Psychic Tracer ( Add ), Level 32
  • Kyaiko, Asura ( Ara ), Level 41
  • Hydraina, Dark Knight ( Elesis ), Level 31
  • Yineko, Magic Knight ( Elsword ), Level 20
  • Mylonisu, Battle Magician ( Aisha ), Level 25
  • Espryna, Code: Electra ( Eve ), Level 27

On top of trying to reach two capped characters and finish the current events on Elsword, I’m really busy with school so don’t expect much from me via Skype, email, etc. I’ll try my best to post at least on blog entry every week though. c: