New Look!

Please don’t judge me for messing around with the themes in WordPress! ;-;

I’ve decided that I want a different theme for my wordpress blog. That’s why my blog when and if you visit it doesn’t look the same and just looks wrong. I’m trying to find a decent pink them that won’t cost me anything… and I’m a newb at wordpress stuff. All I know is how to edit pages and mess around with the themes. The basics.

I will be changing the look of my blog often in hopes I will come across something that is appealing to me and I just think it looks nice. Because most themes don’t really have a pink background for the text content on pages, I will be getting around to updating the text on my banners so that they are readable. I won’t change the banners and headers until I find something that I think is suitable until I decide to change the looks of the blog again.

Anyhow, I’d like to say that I’ll be busy trying to get a level capped Dreadlord during my two weeks of spring break. I’m also going to be trying to get a Lunatic Psyker to level 50, which my Add is most certainly not one yet.