Rants; Why do you ask for help when you never show up?

WARNING: This rant will be about Yukitoreum. If you’re tired of reading stuff about him, skip this post!!

Don’t know if I should also add this to the gaming section, but it’s definitely a post concerning my friend ( or whatever you would count him as ) who asks for help on a game, but never actually gets onto the game.

You’ve heard enough about my view and experience with Yukitoreum. You should know that I have a lot to complaining about him, yet despite all of the complaining I do, I’m still his friend. Which, I think I will be his friend for a good amount of time from here on out. I’ve known him for too long just basically say, “Good bye forever.”

This rant is sort of like a gaming post but is more targeted on a special someone. If it weren’t for special someone, this would probably be a normal rant, a gaming post, or most likely wouldn’t exist to begin with. Specail someone asks a friend, “Can you help me get to Lord Knight on Elsword?” To almost never show up on that game again after that day of the request.

Not only that, he asks said friend, “Can you guys [ your sister ] slow down on the leveling up?”

The answer Yukito is no. We will not slow down because you never show up on the game, but have enough time to talk to people on Skype, along with the fact that you basically announce to the whole Skype group that you’re playing another game. Me and Zeky will not slow down because we don’t want to lose potential free rewards because you’re always making up excuses for not wanting to play when you could just say you don’t want to play or because you don’t know how to gain levels effectively in the game. I’m pretty sure, if you’re really reading this, that you said you had a level 80 Lord Knight on an account before? And that you also “lost” this account because you don’t know how to recover passwords to nonexistent accounts.

To be honest, you’re loosing your own rewards for the events going on in Elsword. It’s not like they’re going to keep these things up forever and me and Zeky have almost capped one character each for us.

You don’t know how boring it is to have the one person out of the trio who’s not as strong as the other two people. We can’t even do friendly sparring with you on these two characters because you would be wiped out within a minute. Has it ever occured to you that you don’t need us to level you up and that you can do dungeon ques? Probably not, but that doesn’t matter.

You shouldn’t ask friends to help you in a game when you rarely ever come online.


Don’t even say anything because this is a screenshot from this time and date.

Yukitoreum... (Time stamp).png

Next time you ask for help from me and Zeky, this goes for almost everyone too, that you actually try to receive the help we are willing to give because if you don’t, we won’t put or efforts into the task.

I’d also like for people who read this to think; “Who’s ask me for help recently and never actually came for me to give them the help.”