Gaming; Scheduled Fight ( Zeky Vs. Yukito) on Elsword PvP

Yukitoreum is scheduled to do a PvP match with my sister Zeky! I wonder if he’ll even show up to the fight!

Most of the time, Yuki likes to say things like, “I’m going to fight you,” or “I’m going to go fight [insert name]” but never actually goes to the fight. Now, he’s told Zeky that he will fight her Lu/Ciel this weekend.

The designated day was supposed to be today, but me and her had to go a celebrate a family member’s birthday. Despite that, she never actually got around to warning Yukito. The real question that will determine if this challenge will really happen is as simple as this. “Did Yukitoreum actually ‘forget’ he was supposed to get on Elsword and fight someone today?”

Probably not. He’ll make up some excuse when confronted.

If he does actually “remember” and is still willing to do the PvP match, we’re expecting the challenge to be held in a private sparring room. It will happen either really late tonight, really early tomorrow or tomorrow night.

I won’t expect Yukitoreum to actually come to the sparring room even if he remembers and if he was given the information to join the private sparring room. He always makes up a lame excuse to not PvP someone, especially in Elsword. If he does end up doing the challenge tomorrow or whenever, I will be sure to post the end results in a newer post. If I don’t post about it, he most likely didn’t show up to the fight.

I hope he actually shows up to the sparring room unlike the last couple of times he’s done something like this!


Small blog updates;

I have been fixing up the pictures that were headers for sections on my blog so that you could actually be able to see their content more easily. If you notice differences and are wondering about them, look for the “New Look!” blog post that was published a couple of days ago.