Load of Random Stuff

This post may seem random, that is why I did not put it into a specific category! >n>

Skype Situation with the Person

They are being persistent, trying to Skype call my sister just to know everything about why I had blocked them. I will not change my mind about anything they do. I will not let them tell me what to do and for them to blow up like a freaking toddler because I’m not acting like their mother who would spoil them. Someone needs to learn that their actions could cause people to leave them and never talk to them again.

Zekyreum vs. Yukitoreum on Elsword

It’s looking like a no show. He might be doing something, though I doubt he’ll even “remember” anything about wanting to fight someone on Elsword. If another challenge from Yukito to Zeky occurs, I will probably post about it and post the results of the PvP. That is, if he shows up to the PvP match…

Elsword Team so far…

So far my Elsword team is composed of 7/10 free character slots that they give you when you first make your account. This list is only good for this date and time, March 20, 2016 ( 6:02 PM Eastern Standard Time ) My team is as follows;

  • Reshyreum, Dreadlord/Chiliarch ( Lu/Ciel ), Level 70
    • This character is only 10 levels from Elsword NA’s cap! Which is level 80!
  • Yhsereum, Lunatic Psyker ( Add ), Level 43
  • Kyaiko, Asura ( Ara ), Level 42
  • Hydraina, Dark Knight ( Elesis ), Level 31
    • I wish I named this character “Hydriana” so that it would be said like (HI-dree-ahna) <– I’m bad at making sounds to help say names.
  • Mylonusi, Battle Magician ( Aisha ), Level 25
  • Espryna, Code:Electra ( Eve ), Level 27
  • Yineko, Magic Knight ( Elsword ), Level 20
    • Elsword has proven to be my least favorite character, so yeah he’s in the dust compared to my other characters.

I bet looking at this list you know who are my favorite characters, look and play style wise. I’m still scared to PvP at all too. C: Salty NA Elsword… not pretty.

Blog Updates/Additions

I would like to have banners created for most of my blog post categories so that those will catch your eye way faster than just normal text. Be prepared for new content related to pictures and banners to be added in the future.