Perks of Being a Quiet Person

This is an uncategorized post about things I’ve noticed that are good about being a quiet person in real life. C:

I’ve noticed that people who like to speak their mind all the time, nonstop have problems with talking to certain groups of people. For instance, that group of people you see talking about another group because they think that the other group is weird. Strange how when the confront the other group about their differences and how they think the other said group is weird, how they just created a kind of tense relationship? No, not to me. I see it all of the time.

Then there’s those people who just like to comment on everything. You know, the people who can’t shut up and always have to say something about a subject or what’s being discussed around them? Those people, after a while of the same stuff become annoying. You want them to not show up ever because they always have something to say, whether it be good or bad.

Oh there’s those people who feel like they have to complain about every little thing they have to do. The person who always complains about doing simple work. Even when that simple work is just reading a chapter in a book, where if you put your phone down or saved some time for reading before doing whatever, or just reading when going to sleep. They literally complain about everything even when you try to make them happy.

Finally, there’s that group of people who feel like they have to be verbally aggressive to get what ever they want out of people or to make them feel like they’re higher than they people they downgrade. Everyone who ha a normal brain would say, “I’ve met all of those people types. Probably more and some were worse.” Well, here’s my tips on how to avoid conflict with these type of people. They most likely won’t care about what you have to say because from my observations, they seem like the ass holes anyway.

  1. Avoid these types of people at all cost. Don’t try to even become their friends because they will demand so much from you and will give you very little.
  2. Do not give them much advice. They are wanting you to tell them how to fix the mess ups that they may have inflicted upon themselves. Don’t dig them out of their own holes.
  3. Do not, whatever you do, listen to their lies. They will tell you that they care about you or that you’re a good friend when in reality, you are very reaplacable to them.
  4. Do not argue with them, you will never win.
  5. Do not write really long sentences and paragraphs, they won’t listen to anything you have to say unless it’s what they want.
  6. Do not make gifts for them. Again, you mean very little to them and you’re probably giving them what they want.
  7. Don’t fight at all with them. Look at number 4 for some reasons as to why this may not be such a good idea.
  8. Do not joke with them, they don’t understand jokes.
  9. Do not explain yourself to them. They won’t listen to you or care about what you have to say.
  10. When confronted, just shut up and say sorry. Plot your revenge after they feel like they are in the clear. ( confront them after the event, but don’t wait too long. )
  11. Don’t let them tear you down because they’re using your corpse to climb higher than you.
  12. When they make you make, give them the cold shoulder.

These are all the tips I can think of for when you’re interacting with people you may seem as selfish. This could work for anyone who’s not really a good influence, it’s just a matter a time for you to implement these tactics and how determined you are.

I just wanted to finish this post because it was unfinished for a little while. Don’t judge me if it seems weird. :C

Hope this helps someone who’s reading my tips!