Gaming; Elsword Revamps ( PvP & PvE )

I’ve mentioned in another blog post that Elsword was going through events that would give players the opportunity to get some rare items for free. I’ve also mentioned that along with these events, the game is changing itself with new character revamps and possibly new character skills. The layout of the skill tree is also different from the last time I played, which was before all of these changes.

Among the many changes that Elsword is going through right now, I have to say that there’s something that’s made me a little frustrated.

What’s making me frustrated is that they are doing their [ or KoG? ] act of making characters more “balanced” in PvP and PvE. Some characters in my opinion didn’t even need to be balanced. They were already okay from the start of when I came back into Elsword, but of course I don’t know what it’s like in the arena since I try to avoid PvP. NA servers seem to have developed a reputation for the amount of “salt” PvP players give to each other. People with actual skill in a certain character may be reported by salt players just because they were developing a character pretty well with items, skills, things of that sort. It wouldn’t surprise me as to why people don’t like to really show their skills to salt players in the NA servers.

For the fact that they are “balancing” characters, I’ve felt this so called balancing in dungeons that I had been doing for a week now. I’ll tell you that the changes I felt when playing as my now level 69 Dreadlord that these changes didn’t seem to do good for me. I’ve noticed that my HP would be lower than when I played these same dungeons that I had been playing only two days ago seemed to have become harder. I don’t know if I’ve only lost HP because the Dreadlord class is a very physical class or because I was careless, so I won’t mention this anymore since this was PvE.

As for PvP, well I don’t want to even try it. They may be giving rewards to players who try PvP right now but that’s not enough motivation to receive loads of salt if I were to beat people in Arena matches. I’ll leave the PvP testing to those who actually can stand the salt and enjoy fighting the PvP players.

As for the whole reason behind the “balancing” of characters, I feel like KoG or whoever is in charge of the servers had received so many complaints from people who just want excuses as to why they kept losing, therefore they decided to nerf classes like Add’s Mastermind and Lu/Ciel’s Royal Guard/Noblesse.

Eh, I’ll survive this “nerfquake” as people like to call these…