Very High, Very False Achievers

This can be applied to anything, but have you ever met that one person who thinks they are way better than anyone and especially you and your friends? It could even be someone who is in your close circle of friends too! I like to say just a little thing, I hate these people. They are really only all bark and no bite. There are few times when they can actually prove themselves of being better than most people and your circle.

But what would happen if this person claiming to be better than you wasn’t up to par? Well, I guess they are a liar who is hoping that you will believe them.

When confronting people who usually don’t know how to accomplish the task they claim that they can, but can’t usually don’t like it when you confront them about said accomplishment. An example would be if someone said they could reach a certain score on some game, higher than even the most decent players in your circle of friends and from experience, you know it’s a hard to achieve accomplishment. It’s suspicious when this said person is also priding themselves in this said accomplishment when they are a lower scoring player. Also, all of your friends, including you have seen said person in action and know for a fact that they can barely achieve certain things that you guys can do.

It’s really annoying especially when you actually try to get this person to get you proof of their said achievement. Then, as you’re asking for them to provide evidence they cannot give it to you. Strange right? If someone were so proud of something, you think they would’ve taken not on it some way, somehow if they could possibly…

After trying to get evidence out of these people and them not giving it to you, you then go something along the lines of “okay, I’ll test you on your skills.” If they agree, you will create a private server, take them to a private place ( or public, I don’t really know ), etc. you will begin your series of tests. 99.9% of the time, these people will not pass any of your tests. To test even further to prove your point, you will get other people involved to help your little “skill experiments.” I bet they won’t pass those tests either. If they did, it was pure luck.

After seeing that they failed in front of people, they will then go to their last resorts; saying that blah blah blah happened and they couldn’t recreated the effect or whatever it was. In fact, they will most likely give you some kind of bull crap excuse as to why they couldn’t pass any of your tests. Sometimes, they will even insult you and your friends because they believe that for whatever reason you made your custom made tests to be rigged in a sort of way. How can you even rig a test? Don’t answer.

They only said they could do some task because they wanted you to think highly of them, when in fact you now look down on them. They were also hoping that you were gullible enough to actually believe their claims, which makes them look like total idiots and morons.

You’ll come across many of these people, claiming to do many things that they think they can do when in reality they can’t. Let’s just call these people “false, high achievers”, or perhaps “high achiever wannabes.”

I personally didn’t know what to categorize this. It seems like it could be a rant and that it could not be a rant, so un-categorized it was.