Gaming; Elsword Wth moments

This is supposed to be a fun post compared to the other recent ones. At least some of them are supposed to be fun. I figured that since Elsword has been my main focus on gaming lately, I’ll just list some moments where I was honestly wondering what had happened.

Random IP block message:

I had been logging into Elsword one day using the Aeria Games hosting program. It was the program I had been using ever since I started playing Grand Fatasia and I had found out that Elsword was being hosted on it for certain countries. I live in the US ( America ) so there was no problem with me using AG to get into Elsword. A few days ago, when logging in like normal ( do you think I would really give away my login info? ) I had gotten a message saying something like this; “Sorry, your IP is blocked from playing Elsword on Aeria Games.” It’s weird because I’ve been using AG this whole time to play the game and had never gotten that popup…

Reshyreum Login, not so Reshyreum Characters…

I think Elsword is known for it’s login glitches, but you do not know how scary it is for a gamer to log into a game like they normally do only to find that they’re staring t someone else’s characters. Really, if you don’t become shocked to see someone else’s characters staring at your soul, you’re probably going to take advantage of the glitch and steal everything you possibly can or you really don’t care. When it’s the first time to happen to you though, it’s really weird…

No response from the server;

Okay, wth for real? You let me log in, yet your server isn’t even up? Gosh Elsword, could you be even more weird…? That sound it makes to let you know the server didn’t respond is just creepy with the black background.

To be honest, the black screen was by far the scariest and now the funniest in my opinion. Welp, glitches are the best part of Elsword, right? >.>