That moment when you’re bored…

Everyone who is a normal human being has always had that moment when they were bored out of their mind. If you’ve never been bored in your entire life, you’re either way to busy or you’re simply not a real human being. Gosh, who’s never been bored once?

For those people who know the feeling of overwhelming boredom, I will tell you some of the things that you may or may not have done that is similar to something I have done. These are some things I noticed that I do when I’m bored and I thought “please tell me these aren’t weird.” Boredom can lead people to do either strange or dumb things.

Boredom is weird.

One thing that I do when I’m bored is make my own comics with my own characters that I have created. Sometimes if I don’t want to use my own characters, I will use the characters from a video game ( e.t. dreaded sonic characters were the last ones I used. ) Most of the time, these comics lead to some… interesting story lines. Like selling cookies in girl scout uniforms to the elderly who like baked goods? Pretty weird.

Another thing that I’ve noticed I do when bored is stare. Stare at nothing in particular while thinking about life and some of the things I could be doing instead of being bored. I’m pretty sure a lot of people who are desperately trying to escape their boredom will do this and question their sanity.

Talking to yourself to make you feel like you’re talking to anyone when you’re alone and bored. Don’t even ask, everyone talks to themselves at some point in their life.

Create a story. When boredom comes back to haunt you, you go back and read the story only to find that there are so many typos and so many errors in general, you realize that you have created a mess of words on paper.

Creating a character that you will probably never use again after the creation. R.I.P newly made character, you’re only good for getting me out of the bored state I was in.

When staring into a dark room because you have nothing better to do at night when trying to go to sleep. Strange enough. Who even stares into a dark room when trying to fall asleep? Me. You can not judge me!! >:v Anyway, whenever you stare into that random dark room while lying in your comfy bed, just trying to finally go to sleep, boredom comes to obliterate your sanity by making you think you see shapes and forms in the dark. Freaking boredom just ruined your night because you swore you thought you saw someone standing in this said room. Thanks for the sleepless night, BOREDOM.

I don’t think the other things I do when I’m bored are as weird as these. When I’m bored, I play video games, watch some show on TV, read some book that I didn’t know I had, etc. This list is pretty weird and I’m sure the last thing on the list was one of the strangest.

Oh, one more thing to add. When you are bored, you blog about something like this so thatย you have something to post. c: