Complaint/Rant; Let’s Learn how to Count!

About Kurai and the arguments I get into with him. Skip if not interested.

Topic of this rant; “When someone doesn’t know how to count the genders of characters to a game.”

Me and Yukitoreum were talking about Elsword like normal people. I was telling him about how Elsword has gotten 2 new characters, one being the Korean exclusive Rose and the other who hasn’t even been revealed or released yet. When we had gotten deeper into the conversation, I had decided to say this since we moved on to talking about the new, unrevealed character’s gender. “I hope the new character is a guy. Elsword needs more guy characters.” Or at least something along those lines.

Then Yukito says something about how he wishes the new, unreleased character was another girl. He even went as far as saying that Elsword had too many guy characters…

Stop to think about what he just said. Let me just tell you that he said this between March 28-31, 2016. Here is a list of the characters, bases only.

Elsword Characters 3-31-2016.png

For people who can never tell the gender of anime styled characters, here’s a list.

Girl/Female Characters: Aisha, Rena, Eve, Ara, Elesis, Lu ( part of Lu/Ciel ) and Rose.

Guy/Male Characters: Elsword, Raven, Chung, Add, Ciel ( part of Lu/Ciel )

I’ve excluded the new character because nothing is really known about it. I also don’t want to be using false information from some stupid game theory that someone had thought up. If you can count, you can clearly see that the ratio of girls to guys is 7:5.

But no, Yukito still argued against me even when I numbered and color coded a stupid little chart to show him how to count. Here were his rules; Lu/Ciel counted only Ciel and had excluded Rose. I wouldn’t blame him on the Rose part since she’s a Korean exclusive character but really..? You count the gender of a duo character as whoever you see players play as “the most?” I think these are the reasons why me and Zeky just couldn’t let go of this argument;

  1. People would think that he is really stupid for saying that because they think he does not have the basic ability to count.
  2. They would make fun of him, saying things similar to kindergarten bullies.
  3. Really? Who could let someone win something when it is so obviously wrong?

After my sister Zekyreum argued for a little while with him, with his usual “I’m making stuff up to win this argument” and the whole “I’m changing the argument’s subject so I might win” crap. He went silent after she basically verbally roasted some sense into him. I just hope that Yukitoreum realizes that making up stuff just to seem smarter doesn’t really work out in the end. He also needs to realize when he’s dead wrong. Even with his little exceptions of Luciel counting Ciel’s gender and excluding Rose, the ratio of girls to guys would still prove his argument invalid. The ratio would then be 5:5, therefore being even.

Yukito seems to argu against himself sometimes… :\