Gaming; Elsword PvP Season 4 ( Nerfquake of 2016 )

I think it was about a week or maybe even a couple of days ago since Elsword decided to make it a new season in PvP. I don’t like to do PvP much, but from what I’ve seen and have little experience in, you can earn a grade or rank for how “well” you do in PvP. My first ever PvP rank had somehow been a B rank on my main ( or my Dreadlord ) which honestly surprised me.

I don’t have the rank anymore. You want to know why? c:

I had gotten the rank before PvP season 3, therefore it’s gone due to them resetting the PvP ranks on the whole server.

Since it’s season 4, people with all of those SSS ranks and even those stars ranks which are some of the highest PvP ranks you can get have all lost their ranks, they’re now flooding the arena. I’m what I guess you would call a timid PvP player since I am just terrified of the idea of hitting an actual person ( even though some people I would like to beat the crap out of ) because I fear that their going to through their nasty 300 year old salt in my eyes. Since all of these people who have skill and those who just spam, I have no idea how people get to such high ranks sometimes, there’s complaints in the megaphones or what would be considered a sort of global chat for the whole server.

NA Elsword is pretty infamous I guess for the salt the players who do a lot of PvP do. I’m not sure if this is what the server is known for, but you could find many videos of people basically recording the salt.

Opinions on the Great Nerfquake of 2016

Along with the new PvP season, a lot of people seem to be complaining about how some classes on characters have been nerfed (for those not familiar with the term, it means weaken. ) I could make a little thing on this and make it more accurately if I had all 29 classes on each character, but I wouldn’t want to make that many characters just to see what I think of the new “revamps.” I’ll just say those ones I’ve heard have gotten trashy and those characters of mine that are actual trash to me. c:

I didn’t really notice anything different with my Dreadlord. At first I thought it had gotten weaker in the physical damage area, but I think it was only because of event buffs. Also, I don’t think any of the Luciel classes actually got anything significantly different from before the revamping event…

For my Lunatic Psyker, I didn’t really notice anything either. As for all Add classes, I don’t think any of them were actually nerfed or anything. :\

The Battle Seraph I thought would be so good is still horrible to me ( I can’t control Eve’s floating ) and I’ve also heard that it was one of the classes that took a good beating in the revamp event. Either way, it’s still one of the hardest to use classes.

Asura, no difference in my opinion. Don’t know about the other Ara classes either.

I don’t know what to really say about my Tactical Trooper. I had only made it recently so I couldn’t give any opinion on any of the Chungs.

Aisha is just no. I didn’t like playing as her, much like my Eve. I don’t know why I don’t like her but all I’ve seen is that some people have complained about some of her classes becoming trash again. I think it has to do with her doing less damage? I’m not sure.

I can’t say anything on Rena and Raven, since I don’t have one of them at all. I also haven’t seen a whole lot of them either so you know.

Little Conclusion

I think that’s it for my little opinions on the classes I have and what I’ve seen from other people, along with a little of other’s opinions. I honestly think that it depends on the person for a character and a specific class to “be good.” Just pick the character and the class that you think you will enjoy if you’re thinking about playing Elsword.