Gaming; Cosmic League- Wtf is this?

This is a game that had been, I don’t know if you would count as recent, but it was released a couple of months ago. It’s supposed to be a third person, cyborg anime girl “shooter” game. Yeah, “Shooter” when on of your characters carries a giant sword made out of mechnical parts to match the other two main characters you made.

First impressions before Download/Play

I admit, I didn’t like the idea of trying a game where you relied on shooting your enemies and it being a sort of PvP based game. I’m really terrible at PvP and I just hate shooter games. Despite this, I gave it a try. I made the one mistake though to decide to go to their webstie on April Fool’s. Guess I didn’t expect to walk in on three naked girls literally wearing nothing with clouds covering their nipples. >_>

This didn’t really leave a good impression on me. If a game really has to do something like that to get their players to “laugh” then they must be desperate. Not to mention, the community might be the one thing that ruins the game. The reason why I was wanting to give the game a try was because my best friend named Shikareum wanted to get a new game to play with me or my sister, Zekyreum.

Time to say what I actually think of the game. 😀 I did download that piece of crap after all of my complaining before the download.

My thoughts on Cosmic League

At first, the tutorial showing you what to do in combat and the basic controls was very long and very confusing. I would suggest that you actually try out everything they tell you or else you’ll be like “wtf just happened?” After a couple of rounds of “group league” plays with Shikareum, I actually found that I enjoyed the game just a little bit. To me, it’s something where a guy would be looked down upon for playing, considering they have only human girl characters to play as. And if you saw the way the girls were dressed, you’d understand if you were viewing it through a girl’s perspective.

Some things that I would like to point out are;

  1. You can directly edit the textures of your character’s costumes in the game, or export them to your device, edit the textures on a program you’re familiar with (, gimp, etc. ) and then import the textures you just edited.
    1. I have yet to figure out if you can actually change the color of your hair. As far as I know, you can’t edit the textures of your character’s hair.
  2. You’ll be freaked out when people randomly start shooting at you in the lobby. ( Idefk why people do that, is there a PvP system in the lobby? )
  3. Your first couple of plays will make you mad. The controls are somewhat frustrating to figure out, especially for someone like me who hates them. c:
  4. The three main characters that you can choose from in the beginning, sort of like your pokemon starters, you can easily earn after the tutorials.

Again, it’s something I’ve found that’s more fun when you’re playing with friends, otherwise it’s really boring and really strange. >_> Wonder how long it will take for me to uninstall the game and forget I ever had an account on it… and I would love for someone to explain how the hell naked anime girls are funny without sounding like a giant pervert.