Motivational Speakers seem to say the same things…

Motivational speakers occasionally come to public schools as substitutes when a teacher is sick. I appreciate them but there’s something that I just noticed about them. They all seem to say some of the same things.

People who have the same aspirations as you can give you inspiration for your work and that’s exactly what motivational speakers try to achieve, inspire those who decide to actually listen to them. They all, if they’re really good with their words and their stories, help people who really need. Those people who needs someone to tell them that they can do something. It’s annoying in a way when you hear the same thing over and over again.

“You can do anything so long as you set your mind to it.” I hear something similar to this almost every time a motivational speaker comes to their conclusion or somewhere in their speech. It makes me want to say, “Yeah, I know that. I want to know HOW to set my mind to want to do something so strongly.” Sure some of those speakers do in a sense tell you how they’ve accomplished their goals, but some people don’t need the motivational speak anymore. They need some sort of guidance to help them get onto the right path.

I just wished the motivational speakers realize, or some of them, that people want some sort of help with guidance. Maybe in their speeches they could include ways that they’ve seen that’s helped people become better people.

I’m not saying all motivational speakers are horrible or whatever, I’m just pointing out something that I’ve noticed when they’ve come and talked ( preferably they rambled on ) whenever they had the chance to be a substitute for one of my sick teachers. I just wished they would offer choices to those who are wanting to change their ways instead of always saying, “Anything is possible with your mind” ( or whatever is similar to that statement. ) People are different, this could just be me thinking that they’re all the same, or mostly some are the same. :\

Maybe the school needs variety in the motivational speakers… >.>