Horrible OCs & Decent OCs

I’ve seen some pretty bad original characters out there, but most of those indecent ones belong to younger people in a fandom. It’s only natural that they want their characters to be “the best” when it comes to the actual story lines and competing with other people’s OCs. What about those people who are older and know better, but still decide to make those horrible OCs that you see people complain about?

In my honest opinion, I think they’re still trying to be better than everyone else who are making OCs in the said fandom. That or they already think they are better than everyone else in the fandom. Either way, their characters need some work.

For someone who’s been developing around 30 characters for 2 years now, I know that creating a character is fun, but the first moments you actually think of that character, you don’t actually know who they are. In a less complex sense, creating a character as a creator, you are actually meeting your brand new character for the first time. Once the design and details you want are complete, they are no longer an idea but they’re like another living thing. If you’re an artist or a writer, the characters you create are a part of you or become a part of you, whether they were meant to be trash or not.

It can take months for you to actually develop the new character’s personality. For me, it can take up to a year to develop a character. This is just so I have a good idea on what kind of person or… whatever they are. You make a character who was meant to be the bad guy, but about a month later, you could change your mind. They may actually be a misunderstood character in your stories or fan works, etc.

As for good OCs, they tend to have no associations with canon characters and are seriously original characters. The people who make these may have gotten inspiration from real characters, but they just somehow seemed to nail it. They avoid making what some people have called “Mary Sues” and “Gary Stues” or however you spell those terms. They also may have developed the character for a good period of time.

There’s a lot that could be said about the OCs out there, but I’m going to end it with that. I most likely will offer some tips and advice on making OCs in my perspective in another post… >_>