Too Many Events on Elsword…

Right now there has been a huge chain of special events on Elsword. So many, I can’t even name or count all of them and they’ve all happened so recently so quickly. Right now, there’s still special events going on where you can earn the so desired b slot skill change medal. An item that you would normally have to pay around 10 USD for in the Solace server, which for an in-game item is pretty expensive. Especially when all it does is let you use all 8 of you skill slots.

Most people would normally just save up ED the free, in game currency that you can earn by spamming the crap out of dungeons while having a pet with a fetch aura active. The fetch aura is also an item mall item that you have to pay real cash for and again, most people just save up ED to get it. Saving up ED without a pet to grab the money can be hard and time consuming. I’ve been stuck with selling items to other players because I don’t have a permanent pet with a permanent fetch aura active so getting a B slot has been discouraging.

Ever since my sister told me that this new event gives players the chance to not only get a desired B slot, but also costume pieces, I’ve wanted to play Elsword. There’s only one problem. I have 8 characters and have to play as all 8 of them for hours for all of them to get the benefits. This would leave to to pick only one, two or three characters to actually work on. My Add still has his revamp cube from the previous event too. Like… why…?

Are all of these events really necessary? Like sure, it’s free stuff and free stuff on Elsword is pretty hard to come by but… it’s just all in a short amount of time. Elsword is just one of those games where you either play it constantly or you’re like me and my sister, you “binge” play on it for like a month, stop playing for a couple months, then repeat. KoG or whoever is in charge of the events is really event happy… >_>

I don’t expect to get much from these events either, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ll just play whenever I feel like it, KoG can’t control my play time with it’s hoard of events, which is one of the main reasons why they do all of these events.