Rude Substitute

I won’t mention names just because I don’t know the teacher’s actual name that you would address them and I don’t want to stoop to their level. c:

Today was a pretty normal and pretty boring day, up until my second class started. I didn’t know that my second class would end up turning into a verbal war zone. You’re probably thinking that I’m going to blame the sub only because I was a student, I would blame both sides.

At first, the sub was okay besides the fact that he started screaming/yelling to get people to be quiet and no one was really doing anything really besides talking. The normal issues teachers would have. The class ( students ) didn’t start acting aggressive until he made a rather racist comment, or at least insultive comment. He had been trying to kick out this Hispanic student who I don’t even remember what he had did wrong, I only can guess that he was either on his phone or just laughing  because of something his friend said. The teacher had told him to get out for some little reason and the kid wouldn’t listen. I understand that this would make anyone who’s above you mad, but if you heard the remark he said. It was something like this, not 100% sure, but it’s along these lines. “Oh I’m sorry, you didn’t understand.”

Now, people in America assume the “Mexicans” or anyone who looks Hispanic doesn’t know English when they aren’t responding to you or whatever, they think that the said person only knows Spanish. One half of the class is extroverted and I guess they didn’t like what he said ( my class is also very diverse in people. >_> ) They started blowing up on him about his rude remark.

Long story short, administrators had to come into the classroom twice to pick up people and take them somewhere else. Then the third time one of them just replaced the sub. Here’s some of the things he said during class time ( not 100% accurate, but they’re close);

  1. He called a student a bum, saying he looked like one in an argument with him.
  2. He called the same student an idiot.
  3. He lied to one of the admins. saying that he was honest and that he never called the student an idiot, only said he was acting like an idiot. ( when in reality, he did both. )
  4. He used the excuse that him being the sub meant he had authority over everyone, which a student who normally doesn’t cause trouble confronted him about his rude remarks, telling him that it didn’t give him the authority to insult students.
  5. For the first time in my 11 years in school, a sub was actually removed from the class.
  6. He threatened to kick every student out of the room even though like 60% of them were doing the assignment.
    • Not to mention, he was the one acting like a child too.

Just rude in general. He thought he had all the power in the classroom and was arrogant as hell. :\ Good thing I never say anything in school. Too bad this wasn’t about gaming or anything more pleasant.

I had to get this out though. >.>