Awkward Conversations with Friends

I love how when I’m actually talking to someone or a couple of people and then suddenly the conversation gets so weird I just don’t know what to say or do anymore. Everyone I’m sure has had these conversations where it’s like, “Why are we still talking?” or “How am I still talking to you?” Someone who I’ve mentioned a lot on this blog sure knows how to make a conversation really weird and really uncomfortable, epsecially whenever he gets the urge to tell everyone in a Skype group what kind of anime he is watching. Don’t ever google the animes he watches.

Claiming he was watching an anime because he was waiting for some other anime’s episode to be aired or whatever, and when I was given the name an googled it I was starting to wonder about him. >_> Whenever he talks about an anime, the Skype group just gets really silent and everyone in the group is basically asking him this stuff;

“Why are you even watching this?”

“What made you want to watch this?”

“Just why?”

The most recent time he did something like this, the conversation just died as soon as I told everyone I was going to get off. >_> I guess I was one of the only people making it seem less awkward by yelling random stuff at him… He’s the master of making people not want to talk to him.