Gotten into!

I tried this browser game called recently and I found that for a simple game, I actually really like it! I also have been making little to no posts recently, I must be really busy!

It sort of reminds me of Feng’s AoTTG. The more you play it, the better you’ll eventually come, though for the most part you won’t be fighting NPCs. If you’re wondering why I’m saying “for the most part” it’s because I’ve noticed that some of the “people” on that game aren’t really people. I’ve only noticed one bot that seems to be common in that game and it seems to be named “Tweet Musik Youtube.” Don’t know who or what that is, but I don’t really care.

The goal of for people who don’t know what it is, is actually really simple. ( I hate how I doubled the is, I really tried to think of another way to say it… ) You just eat as many dots as you can, without dying which you can only do by running into another player’s body. It’s just a really fun, really simple game.

There is one problem I have with the game though. It’s a common problem that any and every game would have with a group of people. Lag. When I’m not lagging though, it’s really fun to see how big I can get.

Try the game here!