Getting Back into the Sims 4! ( even though it’s glitchy )

Haven’t been making as many posts recently, but oh well. Means I have stuff do to other than write crappy blog posts, right?

Recently, I’ve been getting back into my Sims 4, which should be a good thing considering I have a majority of the game play packs and expansions up until the romantic gardens and life of the party packs were made. I have no idea when I’ll get those, if ever. I was pretty happy with the game packs I had along with a bunch of people’s custom content to make my sims the way I really wanted. Let’s be honest, it’s really hard to use those default hairs and the default traits are only generalizing what kind of sim your sims are.

My only problems with the game were how EA/Maxis, whoever updates the sims games, would make my game glitch almost every time there was an update because of my custom content. ;-; It’s nothing major, until you have so much CC, it makes up a majority of your sims. That’s when it becomes a problem.

Not only that, the game can get a little buggy. For example your sims can stand there for hours staring at the wall until they listen to your commands, this mostly happens when you speed up though so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Other than the glitchy game play and the devastating updates, it’s not that bad. I’ve read that some people who’ve played the Sims 3 with the expansions and all the fancy stuff say that it was way better than the Sims 4 right now. More like the Sims 4 is a stripped down version of the Sims 3 basically. I wouldn’t know anything personally about this since I’ve only played the Sims 4, since console games don’t really count, PC versions are way better to me so far.

Something I can’t wait for right now to be released into the sims is not anything to do with toddlers or supernatural forms, even though both would be really, really cool. I’m waiting on the Pets expansion pack. That’s the one pack that I’m really excited for. :>

And this post was a little filled with emojis and faces… oh well, putting my text emotions into it.