MORE Character Revamps for Elsword! :D And some

Guess which game got more character “revamps” again!

If you seriously don’t know what game I’m talking about, I will kindly inform you that the name of the game is in the title of this blog post.

You know how frustrating it is when you realize how much a game changes though because people complain about a specific class or character supposedly being “overpowered?” It’s really annoying. Especially when those people are probably people who should take breaks from the game and rethink their strategies. Why don’t they just think or ask themselves, “I keep losing to this character/class, there’s something I’m doing wrong, but what is it?”

No, they go and complain to the company running the game and maintaining it and point people out on the game’s megaphone system. I shouldn’t have expected anything less, since Elsword NA is known for it’s salty players, but every country is effected by these changes every time. I haven’t gotten to try anything out on Elsword and from the last “revamp” I didn’t even notice changes. Probably because I’m not a PvP heavy player and prefer to just have fun, do a couple of quests and mess around with the game with my sister, Zekyreum. >_>

I can’t keep up with these revamps, I think I just need to stop caring since like I said, I don’t PvP often so it shouldn’t matter to me. It just bugs me to know that Zeky’s main character on Elsword, which happens to be a Diabolic Esper ( an Add class for those not familiar ) and it’s been nerfed twice now. Oh well, she’ll work around it. After all, when she plays as her main, I play as my main too which is a Dreadlord, and we PvE a lot so…

We’ll roll with these revamps. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯