Still can’t Copy and Paste?

I can’t believe someone would still not know how to copy and paste a screenshot onto an art program after almost a year of tutorials and general instructions. This person has the same exact PC as me, so I would know how to take screenshots with their PC.

If you have an HP Notebook, here are some instructions from me on how to take an amazing screenshot.

What can screenshots be used for? Well, I can tell you from my experiences, screenshots can be used to show off to friends the amazing things you have accomplished on you screen like something on a video game. Another use is to show people how to do something on a certain website or a program that you and the other party has. It’s just a really important and valuable “skill” for anyone who likes to spend time talking to people online and playing video games. Or maybe, you just want to save your screen for personal uses. :>

Instructions on taking a Screenshot on an HP Notebook ( laptop )

  1. First step, make sure your screen is actually on what you want. Like if you want to take a shot of your desktop, be on your desktop.
  2. Second, push this button which can be found on your keyboard somewhere in this location; PRT SC, which is above you = button and back space buttons.
  3. Once you push the button, nothing will warn you that you actually took the screenshot. Note that when you push the PRT SC button on the screen you want, it will be temporarily saved to you PC’s clipboard, which is where things that you cut or copy go until you replace it with something else.
  4. Next, open up any art program that will allow you to paste anything from your clipboard to.
  5. To paste, push CTRL and V at the same time.
  6. Once you do that, your screen or at least your screen from when you pushed PRT SC should pop up in the art program.

Once you complete these easy steps, you can do whatever you want to your screen. :3 If this didn’t help, just youtube a tutorial. It’s really not at all complicated.