My Twitter has my Crappy Art! :D

Didn’t Realize my Blog’s Menu’s were messed up…

 Sorry for anyone who was confused when they actually came onto this. xD

I’ve just now started to post some of my art on my twitter. It’s not really good, but at least I try. If your interested in looking at my crappy art, you can check out my twitter here. All of my art is traditional, made with your traditional materials like paper, pencil, etc. I can’t really do digital art since I don’t really have the resources. Since they’re all traditional, they’re most likely going to be photos, which I’m terrible at taking. People tell me that it’s good, but honestly they haven’t seen all of the other people out there who draw stuff WAY better than I do. Everyone has their own opinions, right?

There’s also something else I would like to bring up. I will be doing comics for my school’s newspaper next semester. Hopefully, if I think they’re good enough, I will be putting some of them up on my twitter. :>

Sorry if this post was a little random and a little short. I just felt like bringing all of this to light.