Waves of Rose ( Elsword )

So many posts about Elsword, sometimes I wonder if they’re too repetitive but it doesn’t really matter much. Barely anyone comes onto this and actually reads the posts and the content on it and not only that, I did say this would be a personal blog and all so yeah. It’s sort of build like an online, public journal full of rants on games and whatever else I feel like posting about.

Onto the actual topic; the introduction of the character “Rose” on the Solace server, also known as NA the saltiest ( or one of the saltiest ) Elsword servers around.

I’ll tell you this, I haven’t played Elsword for over a year so most things I have experienced were the view points of a complete newb ( lol not noob ) and everything was just weird. However, Rose being the first character for me to ever actually experience the release of, I have to say it’s pretty strange. All you’ll see for the next three days are people trying to level up their Rose characters.

I could’ve experienced like two other character releases, the release of Add and then Luciel, but I hadn’t made an account. Only saw the ads for Elsword featuring them, which they’re doing right now for Rose.

As for Rose’s actual play style, it’s strange. She’s the first character on Elsword, at least as a base, to be able to switch between 5 base attacks. Her different weapons/base attacks include kicking ( much like Rena in my opinion, ) hand canons, revolvers, auto-guns, and muskets. Playing as a base Rose as far as I know, all 5 of these attack options are available. I’m not so sure on when you class change if they’ll be available though. I’m not going to look at Korean players since they may alter some things for the NA server and I want to personally be able to write about it. >->

I don’t really know if Rose is worth getting though. Her being able to switch between guns as a base makes her skills almost worthless. You’ll most likely have the enemies killed before ever using a skill unless you’re seriously that weak. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use her skills if you play as her though. 😛

Basing off of people’s comments in the megaphones, she’s really annoying to fight in PvP right now. Not sure why, but I bet it has something to do with the guns.

One more thing has also changed about the Solace server. You can now have above 10 characters. Not sure how many exactly you can make right now, but I would guess that you can now make around 11 characters, one for each since there are 11 characters to choose from.

Sorry about this post being lengthy, repetitive, off topic, and whatever else you can think of. ;-;