No more Tix on Roblox

I don’t know how long ago this was, but apparently Roblox had gotten rid of their free currency Tix for numerous reasons.

One of the reasons they claimed for them getting rid of the two currency system is because the Robux and the Tix would confuse new people. To be brutally honest, all people no matter what are going to be confused with something they aren’t familiar with. Usually people get used to these two currency systems and all. On any game you play, there’s always that clueless person who needs help. I don’t really find this as a good reason to get rid of something. :\

It’s something new to someone, of course it’s confusing people.

The second reason they claimed was that it was not really important to people who develop games and actually do the building on the site. What about the people who don’t really know how to build games and script? We don’t really matter? Sure, Roblox is a game that you play for the experience with friends, but Tix provided a way for you to actually customize yourself and look different from the people around you without having to pay. Those tix clothes were usually expensive in Tix or weren’t even fantastic quality either.

Roblox also claimed that they would allow you to get some clothing and accessories to customize your character for free, no currency needed and that this would help you to look like something you like. Well, when I looked in the shops for free stuff, I only say black and blue really. Not really much of a choice but there was some choice there…

There’s more reasons to why they’ve gotten rid of the system and I really don’t want to write anymore about it because I know this is going to become long and ugly. >-> So I’m ending it with, “Omg, I can’t buy more pink, ugly clothes.”