ROBLOX; When people argue for little reasons…

I was playing a game on Roblox with my sister, Zeyreum and my best friend, Shikareum. We had been the only ones actually playing the game the way it should be played; having to take on various roles to run a pizza place. We had also been the ones to stay on the server the longest, thus ending up in Shika being the role of Manager in the game.

I don’t know what’s so great about the role as a manager in the game. I’ve only picked up that you can ban people, or at least start a voting process to ban someone and give out raises to players, meaning they earn a little bit more cash. The only glory is they can make someone “employee of the month/day.” Nothing great in my opinion.

Yet despite this, people will literally flame you for not being a “good manager.” AKA giving people what they want when they want it, even when they didn’t even earn it.

Now, I’m bringing this up because of an incident I had earlier with someone on the game. I’m not so sure as to what was even going on. All I can tell you is that a couple of people on the server started to target Shika because she wasn’t being a “good manager,” only because someone came onto the came and didn’t want to take the time to explore their environment and do the tutorials that were throughout the game. The tutorials are also laid out to where you just walk onto them to get step by step instructions on how to do the job/role they were set near.

Normally, I wouldn’t say anything to people who are just be salty and straight up rude, but earlier today, someone had already been picking on Shika for her bad grammar. English is not her main language, so yeah she’s not going to be perfect as she is still learning the language. Not only that, but the person who kept correcting her wasn’t even using their English correctly either.

Onto the pizza place ( game ) incident.

Shika was the manager. She refused to help someone around because the game is pretty simple once you actually go around to try it. That person decides to start saying things like “Get rid of the manager” and what not. Then someone else joins in the little argument. Anyone who’s already seen their friend picked on enough in these games would obviously start to get defensive. ESPECIALLY when you’re the caring, motherly type of person and your friend is younger than you.

Well, I started to get into the arguing, which I’ll say was getting no where and the person I was arguing with, which started to target me more after I had told them I was 17, while they being 15.  After that, he started ( I’m assuming it was a he ) to target things like me, and bare with me, this is going to be a bullet list to help you understand and read;

  1. Pointed out that I was 17, yet still playing a “Kids” game.
  2. Insulting my intelligence and calling me a high school drop out because I’m not “fending for myself.”
    1. I’ll tell you that I’m not a legal adult in the U.S., the country I live in, therefore it’s hard for me to even live on my own.
    2. I’m still a high school student, who would rather focus on getting OUT of high school.
  3. He called me a high school dropout.
  4. Told me to go back to school.
  5. Was basically implying that I was dumb as sh*t.
  6. Used an insult in almost every sentence.

While I just simply cooling gave him smart arsed remarks, without directly insulting him. I used proper grammar and didn’t start insulting him or his intelligence deliberately. After a while, he brought up the whole, “job gets me skillz” thing. I had told him, “You have a point there,” and continued with some sort of counter argument that I can’t remember. He brought up that jobs look good on you “report” or whatever and I had told him that it wasn’t the only way to get a good resume, bringing up higher leveled classes.

In the end, I got into an argument with someone who wasn’t willing to listen to the other side and was acting like a 12 year old raging because they didn’t get what they wanted. All for a stupid role that someone had EARNED in a GAME.

WTF DID SCHOOL HAVE TO DO WITH SHIKA BEING MANAGER ON A GAME? If you were the person to argue with me on Roblox and you see this, I’ll tell you to take creative writing classes and/or debate class and maybe some honors/AP ( advanced placement ) English. Your arguments were very weak, plus it’ll look good on your **Resume, not “report” for those jobs you value so much and listen to your own advice. c;

Might be banned from Roblox; Roblox name Reshyreum

***He also probably reported me for being more adult and sticking up for someone who was wrongly being attacked for little reasons. I will also take blame for some of the arguing since I probably should’ve been more adult and keep my mouth shut and leave. :l

If I was actually banned or somehow punished for this petty argument, I’ll surely post something on it. c: