Instagram; Account Hacked under 24 Hours

Recently I had been encouraged by Shikareum and a school friend to make an Instagram account; here’s what happened to my account within 12 hours after making it. This post will also be in a story like format. :>

Today I had been awoken from a long sleep from my summer vacation from school from Shikareum calling me. She had finally gotten me to get up around 1 PM today, late but I had been up all night playing random crap with her and my sister. The usual hanging out and all. Since I’m a heavy sleeper who likes to sleep as long as she can, I was still pretty tired until I say that Shika had messaged me telling me that my Instagram account had been hacked. Hacked by some Russian to be exact.

For those of you who have been hacked before, it’s annoying to know that someone tried to trash you for their own purposes. In this case, from the pictures, the person had been trying to advertise what looked like leggings or some kind of spandex. I don’t really know, I don’t speak Russian the slightest bit, but it was annoying as crap.

Here I had literally made an Instagram account, now only being 24 hours old ( 22 about to be exact from the time of this post ) and it had already been hacked. AND SO EASILY!!! 

After deleting the few posts that weren’t mine, I decided to look up how to make your Instagram account more secure. Literally the only things you can really do to make your Instagram account secure is add an email, phone number, and change your password. I don’t even know why they ask for a phone number and an email when;

  1. After checking my email, I got NOTHING about anything wrong or strange from my account.
  2. No texts or ANYTHING on the account getting a new phone number.

What is the point of even taking those two steps when they don’t even notify you on any changes on your account? The only thing, yes THING, that your email is good for is retrieving a forgotten password. I don’t even know what the phone number thing is for, other than setting the account to that specific phone, which obviously didn’t do sh*t to protect the account I made.

So what about security options and advice?

What makes me the angriest of all this is that my account had only been hours old, yet was hacked already. Not only that, Instagram has poor security options. All a person can do to protect their account is change the password after putting in their correct information such as a name, phone number and an email if desired. Those are the only things you can actually do.

A friend had suggested to me that you make a crazy long password. So I guess that’s the only advice I have for someone making a new account on Instagram so far. :\

For those who actually care, my Instagram account can be found here; Reshyreum on Instagram, or just look for the user name reshyreum. All I do is post pictures of my cat and my art on that account, so nothing great.