Roblox; Tradelands

Shikareum had found this game on Roblox that looked pretty different compared to the other things we’ve played together as a “reum” trio.

What’s not to like about choosing the role of a pirate or a merchant, who owns their own ships and can travel around the in game world on their ships while carrying cargo from place to place? It’s a great game and has unique ideas. Pirates get to raid others for their goods, you get to fire canons on other ships, and have epic pirate battles.

Some of the pirates ( players who choose to be in the Black Wind Pirate fraction in the game ) most of the time are actual cowards from the experience I have with a game. People just joining in on the fun in Tradelands are, like most other games similar to it, bullied until the scramble to piece together something unstable. Pirates, no matter how powerful they are tend to target these players who are trying to climb the ladder of power in this game.

Look, in games like this, I know that there’s a whole PvP dynamic to the game to make it more like a simulator or whatever to make it more realistic. It’s utterly annoying though when you can literally have other ships around you, yet people more powerful than you target you. Sometimes for no reason at all, like when you have no cargo on your ship, or pretty much killing you for fun.

I’ve personally never been able to kill another player on this game, mostly because I’m a new player to it. New players, like any other game but in this it seems far worse, don’t even stand a chance as people tend to target them more. Not only that, the game could be filled with complete morons who try to drive you ship away from where you had parked it ( excuse me you sea vessel fans, I don’t know what it’s called to had a ship in a harbor nor do I care ) and pretty much anyone with better stuff than you, which is lie 90% of the players on a single server, will pretty much bully the crap out of you making the game not enjoyable.

Jerks and morons aside, the game is actually pretty cool and I would recommend it. If you’re willing to put up with the waves of BS, you can try the game out here; just make sure you have a Roblox account, which is free.

I didn’t know I would end up writing crappy reviews on crappy games, which this is what some people would classify as a crappy game review. .-.

Also, I might do another one on this game if and when I actually get a higher level on this game. It’s really unenjoyable when people basically bully you on the game. :\