Roblox; Some players use “3.0” as an insult…

Over the course of me playing Roblox, I’ve come to notice that some of the older players will use the term “3.0” as an insult. They say this because they assume you’re a noob, just because of the stupid character model you have. Quite frankly, you could be a pro at a said roblox game and have the model, yet people will still use it as a way to insult you.

To be blunt, using someone’s character model on a blocky game is the dumbest way to attack someone. Like could you be more original than using a stupid model? It’s not the person’s fault they had to be that. Plus, this model has been around for about 1~3 years. It’s not that new to Roblox anyway.

This being used as a way for older players to insult you goes to show how low some of the people in the Roblox community are. In fact, most of the games I’ve actually taken the time to play, there’s always someone, at least one person, who will come on who is as salty as sea water.

I know the game is meant for normally a younger audience, but some of the games that developers actually make can suggest other wise.

Roblox was and can be good, but it’s just frustrating to see how low it’s players will go to make themselves feel like they’re Superior to you. For one, if you have the 3.0 character model, you’ll be labeled as “ugly” and “noob” by older players. I don’t know how anything could be pretty in Roblox, especially the human models they use for the players’ characters.

They’re all ugly to me and if you think lego people are pretty, there’s something wrong with you. :\

Roblox’s salty vibes have made me salty. xD

What does a character model even have to do with your skills on a game anyway?